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Measuring problem-solving performance

COMPLElrENESS 0 Completeness: Is the algorithm guaranteed to find a solution when there is one?
OPTIMALUTY 0 Optimality: Does the strategy find the optimal solution, as defined on page 62?
TIME COMPLEXITY 0 Time complexity: How long does it take to find a solution?
SPACE COMPLEXITY 0 Space complexity: How much memory is needed to perform the search?

1. Sensorless problems (also called conformant problems): If the agent has no sensors
at all, then (as far as it knows) it could be in one of several possible initial states, and
each action might therefore lead to one of several possible successor states.
2. Contingency problems: If the environment is partially observable or if actions are
uncertain, then the agent's percepts provide new information after each action. Each
possible percept defines a contingency that must be planned for. A problem is called
adversarial if the uncertainty is caused by the actions of another agent.
3. Exploration problems: When the states and actions of the environment are unknown,
the agent must act to discover them. Exploration problems can be viewed as an extreme
case of contingency problems.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

How To Learn Pronunciation

1. Identify A Very Specific Result That You Want

To improve, you must have a very clear goal. General goals such as “I want to have better English pronunciation” have no power. You need a much more specific goal.

For example, pick your favorite American actor or actress and decide to speak like them. Your goal might be, “I will speak exactly like George Cloony”. This goal is much more powerful because it is very specific.

2. Choose A Deadline

Goals are powerless without a timeline. You must choose a specific date when you will accomplish your pronunciation goal. Your goal, therefore, might be: “I will speak exactly like George Cloony by June 4, 2009″.

3. Find A Lot of Compelling Reasons For Your Goal

As Anthony Robbins says, “if you can find enough ‘why’s’, you will easily find the how’s”. In other words, if you are very motivated, you will find a way to succeed. Motivation (psychology) is more important than method.

It’s not enough to have a goal. You must make that goal emotionally powerful. You must have very powerful reasons.. a long list. So, you need to brainstorm. Imagine all of the incredible benefits that will come to you as a result of having excellent pronunciation. Find powerful emotional reasons. Also, imagine all of the terrible results of failing.

Your list might include:

I’ll get a fantastic job and make a lot of money because my English speech is so clear!

I’ll meet beautiful American girls, have a lot of dates, and find an amazing girlfriend because my spoken English is so fantastic!

The important thing to do is to find the reasons that are powerful for you. Exaggerate them. Imagine the best possible consequences!

4. Take Massive Action

You have a very specific English pronunciation goal. You have a deadline. You have a long list of emotionally compelling reasons.

Now it’s time for action. Create a massive action plan. Here’s what I recommend:

Buy a few movies that have your favorite actor or actress.

Each day, watch one scene of the movie. Play the scene a few times with subtitles… and listen carefully to the actor’s intonation (the rise, fall, and rhythm of his/her speech).

Next, rewind and play just one sentence. Pause and copy the actor’s speech. Copy it EXACTLY. Copy the rhythm. Copy the volume. Copy the pauses. Copy the emotion.

Also, copy the actor’s gestures. Move your body exactly like they do. Copy their facial expressions exactly. Copy their posture. Remember, your goal is to look, act, and speak exactly like them.

Follow this system for 20-30 minutes every day.

5. Measure & Celebrate

After a few months of using this system, it’s time to measure yourself. Play a scene from a movie with your actor in it. Then pause it– copy the actor’s speech AND record yourself. Record yourself speaking the same scene.

Next, rewind your recording and play it. Then rewind the movie scene and play it. Listen to both and decide– how close are you to the actor? What is different about your speech and theirs? What are you doing well?

Use this measurement to adjust your focus…. then continue using the system everyday.

Finally, when your deadline comes and you succeed– be sure to celebrate! Have a party! Go crazy! Fill yourself with happy, excited, grateful emotions. This will increase your motivation and will help you continue to improve as you move to your next goal.

In my opinion, this is how to learn English pronunciation most effectively, most enjoyably, and most efficiently.


Hai guys as we have moved into the 3rd yr of our coll, its a must that v speak english well. so start ur engines n ready for race. I hav included learning english as one point in my new year resolution list. so frnds come we can do it:

some nice sites to learn spoken english:

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hi guys ,

this year v hav starrted 2 work on a project , its jus a simple 1 yet v r doing it 2 hav some exp n fun

the project site address is

its jus for result checking n analysis ...

technical info :
>its frontend mainly based on XML using dreamweaver .
>its backend is using PHP,JAVASCRIPT n SQL

team info :
team name : zoeken (means search in dutch)
team lead : julius canute
team members :ashok kumar,giri , kannan,karthikeyan n mohammed suhaib.....

for any thing abt this project or any help on ur project u can feel free to contact us @


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Ecellent apti n personality development sites

hi frnds,

After a long time we meet again . so how was u ?? and guys i have an interesting news for u it is that most of the interviewee find it difficult to attend the aptitude test !!! its bcoz they prepare in the last minute ; we shouldn't make the same mistake, so i have collected some nice sites were we can find lots of nice and useful info .

these sites may be useful but its not all u can find a lot of other useful site too . if u have any interesting sites to share pls feel free to blog .


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One more thing to share

hi frnds,

so here is another exciting and useful link for u all ........

this is a nice link for things about our OS paper.

It's very useful so use it n share it with all ....


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